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Join us at The Worshipful Company of Broderers Fashion Show at St Paul's Cathedral, 11/09/18

Jeeves of Belgravia are proudly sponsoring this fashion show in aid of Fine Cell Work. Fine Cell Work operate in around 30 British Prisons, providing embroidery kits and training to prisoners. They also have a hub in Battersea, where they provide post release support for prisoners. Here at Jeeves, we are proud to support Fine Cell Work. As such, we have submitted two raffle prizes for the evening that will give each winner a full year of free dry cleaning at Jeeves!

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Jeeves Gets a Special Mention in Elle Magazine

The January 2017 edition of Elle magazine contained a special feature dedicated to taking care of your garments. We were delighted when the editorial team took some advice from one of our long established and suitably experienced Jeeves Branch Operations Manager, Jan Haste. Jan represented Jeeves impeccably offering some sound advice on how to care and specifically store your beloved cashmere garments. We are in the 3rd page of the editorial, under Fold, Bag or Hang? But we have also pasted th...

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Sporting the Right Look at the Sport of Kings

Often referred to as the 'Sport of Kings', polo is an essential part of the English social season and the polo season itself runs from May to September with the first high goal tournament, The Prince of Wales Trophy, being held at the end of May.

The world of polo is often viewed as glamorous and wealthy, especially as it is a sport enjoyed by many of our Royals. The form is, however, relatively relaxed and informal compared to other summer seasonal fixtures (the polo season runs from April-September). What to wear as a polo spectator will differ according to the venue and occasion. For a grassroots polo match spectator attire is relaxed. For both ladies and gentlemen, smart jeans (often white) with a blazer are de rigueur, and remember to be prepared for the our fickle British weather - take a stylish and structured lightweight wax jacket in the car with you.

With the bigger matches now becoming more mainstream, it's not uncommon to see more of a lean towards current fashion trends. With royals, celebrities and other social circles in attendance, there is an array of styles from timeless classics to key fashion trends. There are no rules when it comes to dressing or the big events.

However, as a guide, for gentlemen, a lightweight classic tailored suit or even a Tweed jacket will well cut jeans would make a good choice. For the ladies, wearing a dress is ideal. Relaxed and floaty dresses paired with killer heels are on trend, but leave your racing hat at home – this is one equestrian event that doesn’t require one.

Whatever you wear, the most essential piece of your outfit is a pair of statement sunglasses to finish off your look.

At any match day, lunch comes first, then the polo. Whether you are eating a picnic on the lawn, or being presented with a lavish sit-down lunch, afternoon tea and nonstop champagne - Jeeves is on standby to rectify any stains you may encounter, for grass stains on your white jeans may ensure you look as though you’ve had a splendid day out, but the stain will render them unwearable for your next outing. If that does happen, make sure you bring them to Jeeves afterwards so that we can have them looking pristine white once more.

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