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Join us at The Worshipful Company of Broderers Fashion Show at St Paul's Cathedral, 11/09/18

Jeeves of Belgravia are proudly sponsoring this fashion show in aid of Fine Cell Work. Fine Cell Work operate in around 30 British Prisons, providing embroidery kits and training to prisoners. They also have a hub in Battersea, where they provide post release support for prisoners. Here at Jeeves, we are proud to support Fine Cell Work. As such, we have submitted two raffle prizes for the evening that will give each winner a full year of free dry cleaning at Jeeves!

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Jeeves Gets a Special Mention in Elle Magazine

The January 2017 edition of Elle magazine contained a special feature dedicated to taking care of your garments. We were delighted when the editorial team took some advice from one of our long established and suitably experienced Jeeves Branch Operations Manager, Jan Haste. Jan represented Jeeves impeccably offering some sound advice on how to care and specifically store your beloved cashmere garments. We are in the 3rd page of the editorial, under Fold, Bag or Hang? But we have also pasted th...

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Caring for Your Treasured Winter Coats

There’s no doubt that at this time of year we cherish our winter coats, and rightfully so. It’s commonly believed that we should invest in a new winter coat every 2-3 years, however a well-cared for coat should last a lot longer given proper consideration, and also if it’s stored correctly during the warmer seasons. 

2016’s coat trends are seeing the shearling coat back again for another season on the catwalk for both men and women. Also a popular unisex style, the puffer coat has well and truly landed both on the catwalk and on the backs of some prestigious celebrities this year. Of course, the classic Burberry trench coat has never seen a season out of style in both men and women’s wear. 

Other 2016 trends for women include: oversized / long coats and the classic faux fur to keep you warm and cosy this winter. Men’s trends include the parka, which rarely steps out of fashion, camel coats and the durable wax jacket.

Here at Jeeves we know our customers love to follow the season’s styles. Often our customers visit our stores when the weather begins to change to give their coats a spruce up for the cold months ahead. To ensure you get the maximum wear out of your winter coats, we have collated some top tips to keep your winter wardrobe in a fashion only fitting to your style.

  1. Keep your coat clean:

Always refer to the label before washing your coat at home and follow the instructions specific to the material. If the label states ‘dry clean only’ it’s best to ask for our advice before you attempt to clean the coat yourself.

If there are specific stains such as oil or ground in dirt, it’s also best to come and visit us to ask our professional opinion before using any household stain removers.

  1. Take care when you wear:

Always be aware of using any products such as perfumes, make up and other beauty products, as they could harm and even permanently stain your coat.

Ladies also need to be conscious of the impact that their handbag style and colour is making on your beloved coat. Heavy shoulder bags can wear delicate coat materials away and sometimes leave colour stains on lighter coloured jackets. 

  1. Storing your coat:

Ensure in the warmer months you store your coat correctly. Use large padded or wooden hangers to keep its shape, specifically if you have a heavy coat. 

Always hang your coat to dry naturally if you have found yourself stuck in a rain shower before getting home, this will ensure your garment dries in shape.  

  1. Stain removal:

 Always act on stains quickly, being careful not to rub aggressively. Dabbing the stain gently will help to lift it from the material. Make sure you refer to the label before attempting any stain removal yourself. If in doubt, always visit Jeeves as a priority. The sooner a stain is treated and your coat is cleaned, the more likely the stain will be removed.

  1. Caring for specific coat styles:

Caring for your Puffer coat:

Check the label to see if your puffer contains synthetic or natural down. This is crucially important as if your jacket contains natural down feathers it could misshape if you wash at home. 

Carefully hand washing your natural down jacket at home would always be the safest option, although some manufacturers will only recommend professional cleaning and using a water-resistant spray on the outside of your coat to maintain its hardiness.

Caring for your shearling coat:

To remove stains from suede brush it gently. You can also comb very gently through the fur to remove any mud or other dried in substances.  

To clean you need to visit your dry cleaners once or twice a year dependent on how frequently your coat has been worn. 

You can always contact Jeeves or visit: to find out more about out our suede care services.

Find out more about Jeeves bespoke dry cleaning style with our seven stages of garment care process

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